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                What you need to know to visit the area.

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                Shopping, Food & Fun

                There comes a time when you just have to enjoy quality time with your bestie. Here are some fabulous ideas for a shopping, food and fun getaway!

                1. Go Shopping

                2. Get Cultured

                • See the nation’s best theatrical touring shows at Broadway Grand Rapids.
                • Take your group to a ballet, opera or symphony performance.
                • Don’t miss ArtPrize, the world’s most attended art event, from late Sept. to early Oct. every year.
                • Lift your artistic spirits at three world-class art museums:
                Quick View

                Frederik Meijer Gardens & Sculpture Park

                This 200-acre attraction features the most comprehensive outdoor sculpture collection in the...

                • Neighborhood: Northeast
                • 1000 East Beltline Ave. NE
                • Interests: family, art-&-culture
                Quick View

                Grand Rapids Art Museum

                Changing exhibitions feature local, national and international artists. The museum collection spans...

                • Neighborhood: Downtown
                • 101 Monroe Center NW
                • Interests: family, art-&-culture

                3. Relax and Recharge

                4. Indulge Your Inner Foodie

                5. Love the Nightlife

                6. Do Something Grand

                Delve deeper into Grand Rapids culture with awesome tours and experiences highlighting art, coffee, food and more.

                The Insider's Guide
                Eat, stay, and play like a local in Grand Rapids!
                Gardener’s Guide to Grand Rapids Greenhouses and Markets

                Spring has finally sprung in Michigan! Whether you have an established garden or you are trying something new this...

                Lyndsay Daly
                May 8, 2020
                Up Your Culinary Game with a Cooking Class at the Downtown Market

                From live music and craft beer tours to art and cooking classes, there are lots of ways to immerse yourself in the...

                Kirsetin Morello
                January 3, 2020
                Shop Boutiques in Grand Rapids

                Boutique stores that sell fashionable clothes or accessories to a specialized clientele are vibrant and unique places to...

                Lyndsay Daly
                November 3, 2016

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