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  1. What you need to know to visit the area.

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    Roadwork Updates and Road Closures

    Orange Road Construction Barrel Grand Rapids is easy to get around in-even when roadwork is in progress. Check out these links to avoid temporary traffic disruptions and plan a quick, convenient alternative route while we enhance Grand Rapids' roadways.

    Downtown Road Closures

    Social Zone Road Closures

    West Side Social Zone: Bridge Street NW, Summer to Winter – once the deployment is completed, 2-way traffic will be ope for the duration of the social zone but shifted north so that westbound traffic is in the north parking lane and east-bound traffic is in the formerly westbound lane. This will allow for an expanded seating zone on the south side of Bridge that includes about 40% of the roadway.

    Center City Social Zone: Monroe Center St. NW, Ionia to Division – once the deployment is completed, 1 lane of traffic (left lane) will be open for the duration of the social zone on this block. The rest of Monroe Center (Monroe to Ionia) will be closed for the duration of the social zone with cross-traffic continuing on Ottawa and Ionia.

    Heartside Social Zone: Ionia Ave. SW, Oakes to Fulton – once the deployment is completed, 1-way north-bound traffic (no south-bound) will be open for the duration of the social zone on these blocks. That traffic will flow in the left (formerly south-bound) lane from Oakes to Weston and shift to the right lane from Weston to Fulton.

    Construction Projects

    Closures on I-96

    Eastbound I-96 ramp to M-37/M-44 (East Beltline Ave) is closed for construction through July 2020.

    Alternate Route: Continue east on I-96 to M-21 (Fulton St), then west on M-21 (Fulton St) to M-37 (East Beltline Ave)

    Lane Closures on I-196

    Eastbound (EB) I-196 will have lane closures from Market Ave to US 131 through October 31, 2020.

    The left lane will be closed on EB I-196 (Gerald R Ford Fwy) from Fuller Ave to I-96. 

    The right shoulder will be closed on WB I-196 from I-96 to Plymouth Ave.

    Outside of Kent County Construction Projects

    The Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) will be doing additional roadwork outside of Kent County. Closures on I-96 in Ionia County and I-196 in Ottawa County could impact your drive into Grand Rapids and Kent County. Please check out www.michigan.gov/drive the the most up-to-date information regarding lane closures, traffic cameras and incidents.

    New Downtown Grand Rapids Development

    Downtown Grand Rapids is continuing to grow! Studio Park is a new complex that is partly open and still under construction South of downtown - behind the Van Andel Arena.  During this time of development, there will be many parking lot closures and road closures around that area. Some will only be temporary, others will be permanent changes. Explore the City of Grand Rapids' Interactive Visitor Parking Map to assist with parking options.

    Scenic Drives & Tour Spots

    Ready to explore the area? Here's a list of places to get you started!

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