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                What you need to know to visit the area.

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                What's going on in Grand Rapids? A lot. No seriously. Check it out for yourself!

                Janet Korn, CTA

                Senior Vice President
                (616) 258-7388 ext. 3545

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                A Grand Investment

                “A Grand Investment” is an ongoing series exploring the business landscape of Grand Rapids. Michigan’s fastest growing metro area and one of the nation’s strongest economies, Grand Rapids is fueled by a creative, collaborative spirit that generates global, national and entrepreneurial investment. This series highlights leading sectors of the local economy and underscores the city’s suitability for innovation-focused meetings.

                Building a More Inclusive Business Community

                Home to more than 130 global companies and one of the fastest growing economies in the U.S., West Michigan has long been...

                Experience Grand Rapids
                March 11, 2020
                Volunteer Projects that Focus on Sustainability

                Grand Rapids has long been a model of sustainability nationwide. Government, business and nonprofit partners have come...

                Experience Grand Rapids
                February 11, 2020
                GR Beer Tourism is Booming

                Known as “Beer City USA,” Grand Rapids has lots of reasons to celebrate its booming craft beer industry – 38.5 million...

                Experience Grand Rapids
                January 8, 2020


                Explore Grand Rapids