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                What you need to know to visit the area.

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                The Grand Outdoors

                America’s Best River Town. America’s Best Mountain Biking Town. America’s 6th Best Fishing City. One of America’s Top 10 Waterfront Towns.

                A lot of people associate Grand Rapids with big-city excitement. We’ve certainly got plenty of that. But we’re also fortunate to enjoy a spectacular natural playground – one that’s earned kudos like those above from the experts at Outside, Field & Stream, and National Geographic Adventure magazines.

                The “Grand Outdoors” video series introduces you to a few of the many ways you can play, relax and have fun in the fresh, clean air of Grand Rapids and Kent County. Take a look – then come explore our outdoor offerings for yourself!

                Walks of Life

                Two women from different walks of life create meaningful connections through shared nature experiences.


                The Grand Outdoors: Summer Opportunities

                Start your journey with this overview of the area’s outdoor summer recreation opportunities.


                Gifts of the Grand

                Get a peek at the variety of fish and fishing experiences available here.


                Built for Bikes

                Learn why Grand Rapids has become such a vibrant cycling community.


                Vehicles of Change

                Discover how a local organization is empowering more people to bike.


                Alive with Water

                See how the Grand River makes water recreation easy and convenient.


                Made for Winter

                Discover the fun and beauty of fat biking at Cannonsburg Ski Area.


                Carving a Community

                Twenty-one ski runs and one of the Midwest’s top three terrain parks just 20 minutes from downtown.


                After the Outing

                One of the most distinctive features of our Grand Outdoors is the close proximity to urban amenities. You can fish, paddle and bike just steps away from hundreds of downtown restaurants, shops, nightclubs and museums. Dozens of additional lakes and rivers, fishing spots, and biking and hiking trails are as close as 5-30 minutes from the city center.

                Boating & Paddling

                Experience Grand Rapids on the water!

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                Street Biking

                Bicycling is a great way to get around the city!

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                Mountain Biking

                Test your off-road biking skills on all sorts of terrain!

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                Area Trails

                An extensive network of trails traverses many different terrains.

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                Fish in the Grand River or in dozens of outlying rivers & lakes.

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                Bike Trails

                Bike hundred of miles of trails, in and out of the city.

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                Download the App

                Check out the My City Bikes Grand Rapids app! Find fun local trails, a coffee trail & a ice cream trail!…

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                Lakes & Rivers

                Explore Grand Rapids area lakes and rivers.

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