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    Kuyper College


    Kuyper College is a ministry-focused Christian Leadership College that educates and trains Christian leaders for service through the integration of high academic curriculum and biblical Reformed worldview.


    Kuyper College was founded in 1939 as Reformed Bible Institute (RBI). The school changed its name to Reformed Bible College after it began granting a four-year Bachelor degree in 1970. The school became Kuyper College in 2006, reflecting the influence of theologian Abraham Kuyper, who is considered the father of the Biblical Reformed Worldview.


    Kuyper College offers Associate and Bachelor degrees in 17 academic majors. All students who earn Bachelor's degrees in their chosen fields also earn a major in Bible and Theology. Students can also earn certificates in several areas. The student-faculty ratio is 14:1.


    Approximately 340 undergraduate students are enrolled at Kuyper College. Full-time freshman and sophomores must live on campus, or with immediate family,


    Kuyper College is located on a tranquil, semi-pastoral 34-acre campus approximately eight miles northeast of downtown Grand Rapids, Michigan


    Check out the Kuyper College website for admissions information.

    Kuyper College

    • 3333 E Beltline Ave. NE
    • Grand Rapids, MI 49525
    • (616) 222-3000
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