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  1. What you need to know to visit the area.

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      A Cool Way Around - Grand Rapids, Michigan

      “A Cool Way Around Grand Rapids” is a visual tour through some of the city’s hottest leisure-time pursuits – Craft Drinks, Indie Shops, the Grand Outdoors, Local Foods, Nightlife, and Summer. It’s just a brief glimpse of the trend-setting scenes that inspired Expedia to call Grand Rapids “Super Cool”!

      Music: "Iljel 1" composed by Chris Ryan

      Our thanks to the local residents helping us showcase Grand Rapids and inspire others to experience our destination.

      Bonus Content

      Bonus footage from “A Cool Way Around” assembled into six shorter videos highlighting key aspects of Grand Rapids' culture.

      Downtown Market

      A tour of the local-food emporium housing 20+ artisan vendors and restaurants.

      Included in this video:
      Downtown Market, Fish Lads, Malambiah Juice Bar, Aperitivo, Love's Ice Cream, Sweetie-Lious, Spice Merchants, and MadCap Coffee, Mural on the building was an ArtPrize 2017 entry by Taro Takizawa.


      A sneak peek at the many ways to have fun as the sun goes down.

      Included in this video:
      Creston Brewery, Sovengard, Rosa Parks Circle and the Grand Rapids Art Museum.


      A glimpse into some warm-weather pastimes.

      Outdoor Fun

      A preview of leisurely outdoor activities in the heart of the city.

      Local Shops

      A browse through some of our unique, homegrown retailers.

      Included in this video:
      Vertigo Music, Woosah Outfitters, and Malamiah


      Craft Beverages

      A sip of the city’s thirst-quenching expertise.

      Included in this video:
      MadCap Coffee, Malamiah, and Creston Brewery.